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Helpful Links  

Charles City Utility, Phone & Cable Links:
MidMid-American Energy (electric/gas)  888.427.5632    www.midamericanenergy.com 
Mediacom (cable TV & high-speed internet) 866.755.2225  www.mediacomcc.com 
Century Link (telephone) 800.491.0118  

Rockford Utilities:

City of Rockford (electric)   403 2nd Ave NE: Rockford, Iowa 50468  (641) 756-3718 

Frequently-Asked Questions 

 Do you require a damage or security deposit?  Yes, we require a deposit, usually equal to one month's rent or less.  This deposit must be paid before you move into the apartment.  It is refunded to you when you vacate if you have fulfilled the terms of your lease and left the apartment clean and undamaged.

Do you have laundry facilities on premises?​  Every Fenholt Apartment location has laundry facilities on premises for your convenience.

Do you have off-street parking?​  Except for the Hulin Street Duplex and the Fifth Avenue Triplex, all locations have off-street tenant parking.

May I have a roommate move in?​  Only persons who have been approved by the landlord and whose name is on the lease may live in the apartment, so you need to contact us before allowing a roommate to move in.  There is a limit to how many people may occupy an apartment based on its size.  If you want to have someone move in with you, he/she must fill out an application and be approved before moving in.

What is your drug policy?​  We do not tolerate the use of illegal drugs/controlled substances on our properties.  If any tenant is found to have drugs on the premises or is convicted of a drug-related offense, (s)he is subject to eviction.  We fully cooperate with all local law enforcement authorities on drug (or any other) investigations.

How many cars, boats, motorcycles, etc., may I store on the premises?  Each tenant is allowed one parking space, with a maximum of two spaces per apartment.  Motorcycles are generally not a problem because they take up relatively little space.  Extra vehicles, boats & other "toys" are generally not permitted due to space limitations.  We do not allow disabled vehicles (or "snow birds") to be stored on premises.  We ask that everyone be courteous of other tenants parking needs as well as their own.  

Is there additional storage space available for tenants?  Most of the duplexes, tri-plexes and townhouses have basements for storage.  Our Eleventh Street location in Charles City has a limited number of garages available to tenants.
FAQ's & Helpful Links
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